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I remember the first time I opened deviantArt, I was very confused. It was my wonderful friend simoendli's profile page; she was showing me the site and telling me it was fun and I should sign up too. I remember thinking that a "forum that was made up of profiles instead of threads was totally weird". At this time, I had a myspace page (that was kinda more like a personal website, since I used the then-popular hack to hide pretty much all the default boxes, and make my own instead). It was two years before I signed up for facebook. So to me, this was a totally foreign concept, and frankly: I didn't believe in it.

It's thanks to my friend that I walk away. She nudged me about it again two weeks later, and showed me enough cool stuff for me to (somewhat reluctantly) agree to sign up.
And from there, it was only a short ways to falling deeply, irrevocably in love with the site, it's art and it's community.

bukkit. by simoendli caged. by simoendli new york. by simoendli
(some of the older works from my friend, who also happens to be an incredible photographer, graphics artist and web designer - all though only her photography is viewable on deviantArt)

A part of something beautiful

"Where does milk come from?"
"That's a dumb question. From the store of course."
When I started browsing deviantArt, I felt very much like that kid in the joke above. It wasn't that the quality of Art on the site was unlike any I had seen before - but when I had seen it before, it was printed in newspapers, on billboards, or in google search results, and it felt very much like artworks just appeared in our world through magic. By joining deviantArt, making Art suddenly became something real, something that could be done; in fact, something that was being done every day by thousands of people who were, in fact, human just like me.
It was incredible. And what's funny is: I had been to art school before then. I had done a 1-year Foundation Course a couple of years previously. But somehow or other, being on deviantArt was the first thing to really feel grand and possible at the same time.

Some of the first works I favourited included:

Stairs to the trifle.. by apeljuice Keep Clear by ToytownMafia The Distance Sees Through by Dagwanoenyent Unique by krash As cold as silence 2 by lostgirl a forest by prismes Strong And Frangible by kiebitz
(Not in chronological faving order :D)

Jumping in

It wasn't long until I felt like I wanted to jump in. I remember grabbing my camera and hunting around the house for things I could photograph and submit. And I quickly found a starting point; I grabbed a sculpture from off a shelf, set it up to be framed in another shelf and lit from behind through the window, and started photographing. It was my first ever submission. And I don't know if it was something about that early work, or about deviantArt, but I immediately got some feedback. I remember feeling incredibly glad and lucky when I got something like three favourites within the first day. I was hooked; I continued to make and submit things.
Dancers by dareme Firefall by dareme Winter camping by dareme Waltzing by dareme Left behind by dareme
(All from among the first twenty or so submissions)

Different fields of Art

When I first found deviantart, I felt closest to photographic artworks. It was the medium I felt most comfortable in myself, and therefore seeing what else could be done with it fascinated me. However, it wasn't long before all the other amazing works I stumbled upon started to pull me in. Who could resist the variety, beauty and humour of the below artworks?! I couldn't.

WET dream - fauvism by malloreigh Audrey Hepburn in Wire by reynaldomolinawire Cisya by gunfighter6 Pogi-a-Go-Go by Etoli PotC: Jack's Hair by humon La Dame aux Camelias by KmyeChan City in Water by melukilan

Friendship and Conversation

Finally, the missing chapter in my story. Without this, all the rest of deviantArt may not have been enough to make such a lasting and deep impression. Friendship. I don't know how it happened - I just found myself in conversation with all these incredible, fascinating people from all over the world, and we became friends. I have friends from other online places; in fact, the friend who first introduced me to dA I first met online, before we inexplicably and incredibly started the same school at the same time in the real world.
But I'd never found it so easy to talk to people, or conversations so deep and lovely as the one's I found on deviantArt. I think it's because everyone on here is an artist themselves, and even though dA taught me that Art is being made by humans, I retain to this day that Art itself is magical.
And so to everyone wonderful I met on this site, and those I'll still get to meet; thank you so much, and I love you all.

- Tokyo Starfish - by CatchMe-22 MicroLondon4 by visualirony Thrill of power by barninga Cold morning by ImAnUpstart Ai-candles by SMichaS Angelina Jolie by Meea The Fall II by TabeaBorchardt

Happy Birthday deviantArt!

I'm so glad you're around and I get to have you in my life. Let's have many more adventures together. I'm looking forward to it!
Stay quirky, beautiful and enthusiastic, and have another AWESOME year!

Stop Hating Smartasses by dinyctis Speaking of art by jsmonzani Oriole by JennLaa Fade To Grey by Shedboy68 Mutant by whmurai Happily Never After by jteh PDQC 43 Dying by Striogi

:heart: Olivia

ps. What's your deviantArt story? If you wrote one for the dA-Birthday celebration, leave me a link and I'll check it out! :hug:

Happy New Year! + features

Wed Jan 1, 2014, 6:41 AM
Profile | Gallery | Inbox

If you think about it, today is no different than any other day of the year. Sure, the calendar for the year 2013 ended, and when we write the date today it's a different year than it was yesterday. But our year might have just as well ended three weeks ago. Or six months ago. Or tomorrow. Nothing happened yesterday that was of any consequence. There was no cosmological event that switched the year. It's totally random.

And yet, there's something slightly magical about starting a new year. It's like starting a new diary, or going outside for the first time after a snowfall, when all you see outside is an untouched, glittering plain; and it will be your footsteps that make the first marks.

Happy New Year, and may it be the most wonderful yet!

Let's make a mark in this new, magical year with our art! :love:

Features (made in 2013)

Across That Field II by Jiuhl
Montre-moi cet horizon by Allunia-dream
Win Keyboard by LoByteSo
DQD Nude ART 131 by duongquocdinh
Img 1572  by spasib0
Drop in the wind . 2 by duongquocdinh
Float On by cheslah
Drawing of Henry by jennasartwork
born to be free by Lovepeace-S
Orcas by GaudiBuendia
Low Poly Cave. by pyxArtz
Sunrise, haze and trees by Pawssou

Journal Skin

This wonderfully festive Journal skin was made by Nesmaty
Checkered Ribbon Skin2 by Nesmaty
Be sure to check it out. :love:

Merry Christmas! + features

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 26, 2013, 2:42 AM

To all my friends, colleagues, fellow artists, watchers, visitors... Merry Christmas!
Or, if you don't celebrate Christmas: Happy Holidays!

You are in my heart.


Wonderful Christmas-themed deviations!

Christmas by youxiandaxia Christmas by JolsAriella

Christmas by roosarea Christmas by svet-svet merry christmas to you by darkmello

Christmas is around the corner by RobinHalioua  Christmas by gemlovesyou

Christmas Volcano by vladstudio Merry Christmas!! by ninjaakatsuki123

christmas by patswerk Christmas printable version by minerva-aurora

 Cups on x-mas market by pollykorn Have a Berry Christmas by MyLifeThroughTheLens

December Enchantress by MD-Arts Merry Christmas by KatyaWarped

Winged Journal (installable) by dareme

Hello, stranger

Sun Dec 8, 2013, 10:53 AM

Visit Gallery

A by dareme

My name is Olivia.

I started photographing in 2003, while I was attending a one-year foundation class at art school. In 2004 I started school to be a multimedia designer and computer programmer. I graduated in 2008 and have been working as a computer programmer, multimedia designer and portrait and fashion photographer since.

Don't be a stranger, say hello! :-)
I am nice, really. Well, most of the time anyway. See for yourself. :D

Current projects...

  • Blender
  • Developing my own black and white photographs
  • Digital drawing with Gimp-Painter and MyPaint
  • Conceptual photography project

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